March 9th, 2009. saw watchmen movie yesterday. Think it is awesome. must remember to buy tales of the black freighter on dvd. Hurm…

April 7, 2009

Seriously now, i know i have not written anything for a while but i’ve been busy.

Let’s start with my impressions of Watchmen (which I have seen 5 times already).

The movie, like the GN, is set up on an alternate 1985, where Richard Nixon has been elected president of the USA for the third time, and masked vigilantes are part of everyday culture. Now if you are someone that has read the GN, and love it, like me, you will notice that at a running time of 2 hrs and 45 minutes, the movie is missing material from the GN, like Hollis Mason’s murder, the little comic within the comic Tales of the Black Freighter, and some other stuff. all of this were not changed, they are simply not on the movie, even though director Zack Snyder fought to have it in. But this all can be fixed in the Director’s cut edition DVD that will come out.

Now for everything that is in the movie, it is just AWESOME. Snyder really did a magnificent job portraying the look Moore and Gibbons gave the GN. The way some of the scenes feel like you are watching Dave Gibbons’s art move on the screen is amazing, and every performance, with the exception of Silk Spectre II, is fenimenal. Rorschach is perfectly portrayed by Jackie Earl Haley, Dr. Manhattan is perfect. Another of the great things that Snyder did impecably is to stay very faithful to the source material, and not change the story a lot like the studios wanted. The only major change was the ending, NO SQUID!!!!! Now this was something that had me and every other Watchmen fan out there worried, but to tell you the truth , once I saw the movies ending, omg it is really well written and tied up to the story, as it leaves no loose ends. And the most beat=utiful part of the movie is the opening credits. Just watching all those scenes linking the minutemen to the watchmen and explaining everything in between to a Bob Dylan song, was simply Genious.

Now the bad part. Like I said before Tales of the black Freighter is missing but coming soon on DVD with Special Under The Hood. now for the acting the only character that did not completely convince me, but still was not that bad, is Malin as SS II.

For that I would say Snyder deserves a better Criticism than is been given to him. I am sure die hard fans of the GN will come around and realize that this is a beautiful film, made with the fan in mind, and an effort that did not disapoint.