Jurassic World

Ok, so after 5 years away from you guys I am back to writing here, and what better way to start again than with one of the movies I was most looking forward to this year!

NOTE: This is a spoiler-free(ish) article…

So 22 years after the first Jurassic Park, we get to witness what appears to be John Hammond’s dream come true: a fully operational, dinosaur filled theme park that has been opened for the last 10 years. And, as in the first movie, it doesn’t take much for shit to hit the fan.


So the first JP movie was a great success due to its innovation on CGI and use of animatronics, as well as being magnificently directed by Steven Spielberg, which does not mean it does not have its flaws, but that it is so suspenseful, fun, and the effects so well handled, that it is awesome despite its flaws.

Now, JW is not here to top the first one on anything (hell, not even Spielberg himself could recreate his own success when he directed The Lost World), but I do believe we finally get the sequel that the franchise deserved.

I want to start by talking about the characters. Most characters on this movie are one-dimensional, and no emotional connection is really ever achieved during the movie with them (with the character of Mr. Masrani and Vic Hoskins being almost caricatures fit for a 90’s B movie). the only exception is the character of Owen Grady who, despite being as one-dimensional as the rest, is portrayed awesome by Chris Pratt, who confirms his acting chops on this movie. There is not even much chemistry between the characters themselves. Proof of this being that the best emotional connection we get from characters is between Owen and his pack of raptors.

That and the fact that the CGI in the movie is not consistent (most looks great, however there are parts where the work seems underdone) are probably the only gripes I have with the movie. But I can look past these things because everything else in the movie just works very well.

Right from the beginning the movie amazes the audience by showing how spectacular a park like this would be, and you start to get that same feeling you got when you saw the brachiosaur for the first time 22 years ago, just to be reminded that this can never work half an hour later. This, i believe, was a great decision to add to the story, as it was something that the previous sequels lacked (and the first JP used so brilliantly), by throwing you directly into a place you knew was dangerous. The park itself is so well designed and portrayed, that you believe if such a place could exist, it would look exactly like this.

The stories involving the dinosaurs, the plot twists they generate, are handled brilliantly by Collin Trevorrow, and do not feel forced or unrealistic (within the parameters established within the movie of course). The Indominous Rex is a formidable new addition, and does feel menacing and terrifying in every scene it is in. The raptors being “trained”, was one of the high points of the movie, as they were able to portray this without it feeling stupid. And the big climax, AWWWW THAT CLIMAX!!! The last 20 or 25 minutes of the movie alone are worth the admission price!

All in all, Jurassic World is a fun, action packed monster movie, wrapped in social commentary, as the first one was, with a message updated for our day and age, which does nothing new for the genre, but manages to keep the same used up tropes fresh enough to earn it a place right behind the original when it comes to pleasing audiences. A movie that will not disappoint on providing a good time and a great thrill ride.

PS: If you have the chance to see it on 4DX, do so, it is one of the most immersive 4D experiences i have witnessed.